What are Herbicides?

What are herbicides ?

An herbicide is a substance used to kill unwanted plants. Selective herbicides kill specific targets while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed.

Herbicides in India

Herbicides Classification

Find detailed Groups of Herbicides

Herbicides can be grouped by activity, use, chemical family, mode of action, or type of vegetation controlled.

By activity:

Contact herbicides destroy only the plant tissue in contact with the chemical. Generally, these are the fastest acting herbicides. They are less effective on perennial plants, which are able to regrow from rhizhomes, roots or tubers.

Systemic herbicides are translocated through the plant, either from foliar application down to the roots, or from soil application up to the leaves. They are capable of controlling perennial plants and may be slower acting but ultimately more effective than contact herbicides.

By use:

Soil-applied herbicides are applied to the soil and are taken up by the roots and/or hypocotyl of the target plant. There are three main types of soil-applied herbicides:

Pre-plant incorporated herbicides are soil applied prior to planting and mechanically incorporated into the soil. The objective for incorporation is to prevent dissipation through photodecomposition and/or volatility.

Pre emergent herbicides are applied to the soil before the crop emerges and prevent germination or early growth of weed seeds.

Post-emergent herbicides are applied after the crop has emerged.

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