Insecticides in India

Following is the list of Insecticides available in India. We have covered common insecticides below, the actual number of insecticides present in India is an exhaustive list and can be listed step by step. Many ready to use combination of insecticides are also available and has been discussed in different crops.  

Acephate Hexythiazox
Acetamiprid Imidacloprid
Alphamethrin Indoxacarb
Buprofezine Lambda cyhalothrin
Cartap Hydrochloride Novaluron
Chlorantraniliprole Phosphamidon
Chlorpyriphos Profenofos
Cyazypyr Pymetrozine
Cypermethrin Pyriproxifen
Deltamethrin Rynaxypyr
Emamectin Benzoate Spinosad
Ethofenprox Spiromesifen
Fenpyroximate Thiacloprid
Fenvalerate Thiamethoxam
Fipronil Thiodicarb

Insecticides Classification

Insecticide by activity

Systemic Insecticide, Contact Insecticide, Trans-laminar Insecticide, Stomach Insecticide or By Ingestion. Some Insecticide may appear in multiple activity category as they exhibit broad spectrum action.

Find detail profile of the insecticides and available brands and generics in India in the previous tab.

*The information provided on this website is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels and accompanying leaflet for complete details and directions for use.

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