Indian mangoes dropping early after cyclone

After the recent cyclone ravaged many farms in Tamil Nadu, farmers are still suffering the after effects. Farmers in Muthalamada are reporting that their mangoes are falling much earlier than normal and are rushing to harvest the early bloomers.

‘‘Though there is no expert confirmation on the role of Vardah at Muthalamada, the situation is quite worrying. The misty climate prevailing now is not at all feasible for mango orchards,’’ said farmer S. Guruvayurappan.

The damages are more visible at Chappakkad, Vellarankadavu and Naripparachalla areas, where almost all the families are engaged in mango cultivation. The orchards which bloomed during October and early November, are now the worst-affected.

The farmers are now pinning their hopes on the trees that bloom during December end and January.

Muthalamada mangoes hit the world market much before other competitors from Peru and Venezuela. Exports alone account for Rs.200 crore a season from Palakkad.

“Exporters have started flocking our villages for adavance booking.

But, we are quite unsure of the yield during the coming season,” said Mohan Kumar, general secretary, Muthalamada Mango Merchants Association.